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C.S. Lewis' The Great Divorce


Resources - Overview, Curriculum, Small Group Study Guides, Sermons, etc.

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 “Next to the Scriptures, this book has had a greater impact on my faith  than just about any other I can think of…”



 For further Study


            One Page Summary of The Great Divorce by Langdon Palmer

Sermon podcasts on each chapter of The Great Divorce

            The Great Divorce Curriculum with worksheets and scriptures for each chapter

            The Great Divorce Meditation Stations

A History of C.S. Lewis



A Mirror on the Landing …
                     Daring to take an honest look at who we have become …
                                                Daring to believe that God is not through with us  yet…

The SouthRidge Winter Sermon Series
based on the C.S. Lewis classic The Great Divorce
Every Sunday at 11:00 AM


Jan 17    The Nature of Choice   (Preface)                                                  Feb 21  The Embarrassed Woman  (Chapter 8)                                                                  The Grumbler & the Artist    (Chapter 9)

        Jan 24    The Big Man  (Chapter 4)                                                                Mar 7      The Red Lizard  (Chapter 11)

        Jan 31    The Bishop     (Chapter 5)                                                              Mar 14    Susan Smith & The Dwarf (Chapters 12 & 13a)

        Feb 7     Ikey and the Hard-bitten Man   (Chapters 6 & 7)                        Mar  21  George MacDonald (Chapter 9)

        Feb 14   Robert and the "Fix Him" Wife  (Chapter 10)                             Mar 25    The Skinny on Heaven & Hell  (Conclusion)


                                                                                 The 1st Presbyterian Church of Ambler  4 S. Ridge Ave  Ambler Pa 19002   215-646-3030







             We hope you were able to join us for the sold out performance on

        MONDAY March 22nd – 7:00 PM   The Great Divorce – a play by Tony Lawton

at the First Presbyterian Church of Ambler
4 S. Ridge Ave.  Ambler Pa

    All profits were donated to Habitat for Humanity North Hills

For a review of the play and Tony's work, click here!