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 C.S. Lewis and The Great Divorce Sermon Series
                                       by Rev. Langdon Palmer

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A Mirror on the Landing …
                     Daring to take an honest look at who we have become …
                                                Daring to believe that God is not through with us  yet…

The SouthRidge Winter Sermon Series
The 1st Presbyterian Church of Ambler  4 S. Ridge Ave  Ambler Pa 19002   215-646-3030




          Click on the image to hear the podcast for each sermon below.

C.S. Lewis and the Great Divorce 01
The Preface - Proverbs 16
Ever been haunted by a train of thoughts you knew were no good for you ?
 Ever want to meet C.S. Lewis? We do both as we hear Lewis read
 from the Preface of the Great Divorce about how the choices we make
shape who we become.


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C.S. Lewis and the Great Divorce 02
The Big Man - Luke 18:9-17
What if there was a wall in your mind that was keeping you from
crossing over into the wide open spaces of an intimate relationship with God ?
 It turns out that the idea that we have any rights before God is a wall that
shuts us out from the very thing we want. We look at the story of THE BIG MAN
 in The Great Divorce and discover how to be out of excuses and into grace.


C.S. Lewis and the Great Divorce 03
The Bishop - 2 Timothy 3:1-17
In this third sermon in the Great Divorce series we move from the basic sins of the Big Man to the sins of intellect of the Bishop. We discover a man who views him self as very religious yet doesnt even realize he is living in Hell. Not all spirituality leads us to Jesus. There are ways of understanding faith, Jesus, and the scriptures that are so distorted that they actually lead us away from Jesus. The scriptures are full of warnings about false teachers. In our own day we can feel the pressure to conform our beliefs to what is currently in vouge, what is considered thoughtful, tolerant, reasonable ... even if it is actually none of those things. We look at 2 Timothy 3:1-17 and discover a practical way to uncover the assumptions of the strand of heresy C.S. Lewis personified in the bishop - the very strand we are most in danger of swallowing in our day.


C.S. Lewis and The Great Divorce 04
Ikey and the Hard-bitten man
- Isaiah 61:10
Do I lean towards Optimism, Do I lean towards Pessimism, Or do I lean on Jesus? Today we discover that two very common sense approaches to life actually
keep us from seeing the Kingdom of God. We take a look at two characters in the Great Divorce, Ikey the Business Man and the Hard-bitten man in order to avoid
 two dead-end streets. We end with the incredible words of Isaiah 61:10
which show us the way to live which is life indeed!


C.S. Lewis and the Great Divorce 05
Robert and the 'FIX HIM' Woman
- 1 Kings 3:16-28
Why is it that romantic relationships that can provide the greatest joy in life can also produce the greatest misery? We explore 10 key principles that can help us to
build relationships that age well.




C.S. Lewis and the Great Divorce 06
The Embarrassed Woman
- Matthew 23:5-12,23-28
       What do you do when shame or guilt has such power over you that you would choose a life  of hell  rather  than be   exposed to your shame. It turns out that guilt
 and shame are not the same thing, and real freedom  can found
in the strangest place - a scripture about the  dangers of pride.


C.S. Lewis and the Great Divorce 09A
The Grumbler and the Artist - Psalm 131


Do you sometimes think 'If only I was more organized, and my house was more organized, and my schedule was more organized, then I could have some real peace and satisfaction? Maybe what is more important than being organized is what your life is organized around. With our busy schedules and hectic lives, is it possible to be
both active and still and centered on God? Yes. We contrast the deep peace of the Psalmist in Psalm 131 with what organizes the grumbling woman and the artist described by C.S. Lewis in The Great Divorce. We discover three basic clues in
 Psalm 131 on how to live with our heart and soul located in the very presence of God, regardless of how crazy our lives are!


  C.S. Lewis and the Great Divorce 07
The Red Lizard
- Colossians 3:1-17
      Why do smart people do stupid things? Why are bad habits so hard to break?
Who are you when no one is looking? How are we to break the cycle of bad habits
 of thought or deed? In particular  how are we to handle pornography
and sexual addictions ?
How do you kill a red lizard?
      The answer is found in Colossians 3:1-7.


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C.S. Lewis and the Great Divorce 08
The Dwarf and Sarah Smith
A life of manipulation leads to a legacy of ashes. A life centered on God leads
 to a legacy of love that never ends. Have you ever felt manipulated by someone? Worse yet, have you ever caught a glimpse of your own manipulative ways?
C.S. Lewis shows us the strangest ghost yet - a dwarf chained to a mannequin
 - to show us the truth about ourselves. We turn to Colossians 1:3-14
to find out how to leave a legacy that matters.


C.S. Lewis and the Great Divorce 09
George Mac Donald
- Philippians 2:12-13
Do you make choices or do your choices make you or does God make both?
 If God is in complete control of how things turn out - how can my choices be real?
 We look at proton rain, sunlight on a stone, and stupid human tricks searching
 for answers and find in Philippians 2:12-13 a tiny verse that holds human free will, God's sovereignty, and the mystery of human existence together !


 C.S. Lewis and the Great Divorce 10
Heaven and Hell
- John 14:1-7
     Would an all loving, forgiving, merciful God really send people to Hell?
 What is God really like?    
Get  ready to be offended.
In our concluding sermon on the Great Divorce we look at the great questions
 and we discover that our ability to see and enter the gate to the freedom,
 forgiveness, and joy of eternal life turns upon how we answer the question
no one wants to ponder:    --  Do I deserve to go to hell?



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